This last year may not have been the best one in my remembrance, due to covid’s ugly shadow, political unrest around our country, and the cancellation of most all our events… but 2020 has been a busy year, nonetheless, filled with explorations, adventures, long walks, hikes, and climbs – like in the photo above in one of South Carolina’s state parks – while J.L. and I traveled to complete on our new guidebook. At the home office in Tennessee several projects escalated our workload here this year, too, making our days often feel like an endless step-by-step  mountain climb through all we had to accomplish. However, it’s a good feeling here as the new year begins to know we met all our goals and that we got everything we planned completed.

Looking back at 2020:

(1) After several travels to Cherokee, NC, I finished researching and wrote a new novel set there last spring 2020 titled Seeking Ayita. It won’t be published in the upcoming year but it was a good accomplishment to get it written.

(2) Despite covid, J.L. and I took several trips to South Carolina and completed our new parks guidebook Exploring South Carolina State Parks, scheduled to publish this spring.

(3) In September after receiving the rights back for my first books in the Smoky Mountain series – a wonderful blessing – we spent the fall months working to edit and reissue the books through Mountain Hill Press with new formats and new covers, a lengthy but rewarding process.

(4) Throughout the year of 2020, J.L. and I also continued to work jointly on our daily devotional guide we’ve been working on for several years, and we finally completed it. Hopefully in the coming year or by the next spring that book A Journey of Words will publish, too. We hope it will be a blessing to our readers.

In April 2021 … look for three NEW publications:

(1) DOWNSIZING: The second Mountain Home Book, set in the Glades Arts and Crafts Community in Gatlinburg. You can read more about this new Smoky Mountain novel in my January blog post, on my website at:

(2) EDISTO SONG: The third, and final, book in the Edisto Trilogy titled finishing the story of Claire Avery and her girls and telling Suki’s story. I know you’ll love this book with its unexpected twists and wonderful characters, set at Edisto and Beaufort, SC.  I’ll be spotlighting that new book and talking about it in my February blog post.

(3) EXPLORING SOUTH CAROLINA STATE PARKS:  Our new illustrated guide to the parks in the Upstate, Midlands, Pee Dee, and Lowcountry regions of the wonderful Palmetto state. I’ll talk about this new guidebook in my March blog post … so keep a watch for my upcoming blogs to learn more about all our new publications coming out this April, each with behind the scenes information and pictures!

Over the coming year of 2021, I’ll be working on two new novels, a new Mountain Home book, The Shop On the Corner, I plan to set in Waynesville, NC, on the western side of the Smokies, and the first in a new four book series, the Lighthouse Sisters, to be set on the South Carolina coast.

J.L. and I hope covid will cease to be a concern in 2021 and that we can travel again to our bookstore signings and all the festivals and events we love attending around the southeast. Keep a watch for those in the Appearances page of my website. We missed seeing many of you who often come to meet us as we travel.

As our new year begins I wish every one of you a happy, healthy, prosperous, and blessed 2021! Thank you every one for your continued support.

See you next month….. Lin