December and the holidays are here again … and we are at the end of another year. I hope your 2021 has been a happy year, leaving you with many good memories even in these somewhat difficult times.

Despite restrictions continuing in many areas J.L. and I have had a truly blessed and busy 2021. We traveled around our Southeast region much of the year doing festivals, shows, and signing events and giving a variety of presentations to civic groups and organizations. Even though our favorite bookstores were not doing in-store signings this year, we stopped by many on our travels to sign our titles and lend support. As this month begins we have two final events—one at a Christmas show in Harrogate, TN, on Thursday, December 2nd, 10-6, and a final “Just-in-Time-for-Christmas” signing event near the Smokies at the Townsend Visitor Center, on Saturday, December 4th, 10-4. If you need any books for Christmas gifts, stop by these upcoming events to pick them up or mail an order to us right away so we can send signed copies your way before the middle of the month.

Our travel life will grow quieter now through the holidays and winter months to come, giving me time to write a new book. Then in April, life will grown busier again with travels and events as our three new books launch: (1) my new Mountain Home book EIGHT AT THE LAKE, set in Dandridge, TN near Douglas Lake and Cosby; (2) LIGHT THE WAY, the first book in the new Lighthouse Sisters series, set at the SC coast; and (3) A JOURNEY OF WORDS, J.L.’s and my 365-Day Devotional we have worked on with much prayer and thought over the last several years.

Sometimes it seems incredible to look back and realize we now have twenty-one books out since the first published in 2009—twelve Smoky Mountain titles, two Mountain Home books, three coastal novels set on the SC coast, a novella in one of Kensington’s anthologies, and three regional guidebooks. J.L. and I are really loving this writing life … and we are now now full-time authors. J.L. retired his Fishing and Hunting Guide publication after over 30 years and I retired from college teaching after twenty years. We can now travel more easily to do book signings and work on new books, including a North Carolina state parks guidebook we hope to begin in the spring.

As the holidays move in, like most of you, we look forward to times with our family and friends—times to visit, catch up, and make new memories. J.L. and I also look forward to holiday events around our East Tennessee area, and I wrote about some of these pleasures in my December blog “Christmas Around Town” which you might enjoy reading at: … Please note that at the first of every month I post a new monthly newsletter on my website along with a new blog post. The newsletters change every month but the blog is archived—so you can go back and read past entries on a cold, snowy winter’s day when you’re stuck indoors. … Also, if you enjoy Facebook, you can keep up with me on that social media site at my author’s page: and by “friending” me at my personal page: … I don’t do a lot of social media, but this one I really enjoy.

Life is truly good  for us… and J.L. and I are blessed and enjoying our days. Our two grown children are well and busy and we hope our son Max and his Deb, who live in Metairie, Louisiana, and our daughter Kate, in Fayetteville, North Carolina, will get to come home at some time during the Christmas holidays.

We wish you all happy times with friends and family, too, and hope your holidays and your new year to come will be filled with rich, productive, and joyous times to treasure.

Best and blessings, … Lin and J.L. Stepp