I’m excited to see September arrive because J.L. and I have set aside that month for a vacation and for time off from events. The only event we’ve specifically planned for September are two days on the porch of the Apple Valley General Store in Townsend at the end of the month—details and times below.

BOOK SIGNING – Smokies area – September 24-25, Friday & Saturday, 10am-4pm, APPLE VALLEY GENERAL STORE in the Apple Valley Mountain Village during the Townsend Fall Festival days, 7138 Lamar Alexander Parkway, Townsend, TN 37882. [Look for us on the front porch of the store both days … and take the free shuttle between Apple Valley and the festivals at the Visitor Center and Heritage Center].

I feel celebratory this month, too, as I’ve already met my writing goal for the year to complete two books and will have two new novels publishing in 2022—one set in the mountains EIGHT AT THE LAKE and one set at the beach LIGHT THE WAY. I will be working on editing stages through the fall on these titles … and also wading through edits on J.L.’s and my jointly written devotional book A JOURNEY OF WORDS. Look for all three of these books to publish around the first of April in 2022.

Our second fall plan was to begin traveling to work on our next parks guidebook. However, with many new covid closings and restrictions around the U.S. we’re not sure if this plan is a good idea at this time. We’ll see how things go … but we are eager to travel and to begin working on another adventure!

One thing I strongly believe is that we all need to make more time for fun, adventure, and to play outdoors. Somewhere between our childhood and adult years too many of us stopped playing … and yet the benefits of play add joy, relieve stress, connect us to the beauty of the earth, quicken learning, and simply make us laugh and smile more. So with September and cooler weather here … make more regular time in your life to get out-of-doors, to enjoy a picnic at a park, to take a hike or walk a pretty trail, or to explore a historic site.

Playing more – both outside and inside – will keep you young at heart and young in mind and body, too. George Bernard Shaw wrote: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old … we grow old because we stop playing.” … So Go Play Outside and start reversing the process. And enjoy your September!!

See you next month,