Fall will begin to touch its fingers into east Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains this month … but the park’s 2019 Fall Foliage Forecast suggests the colors won’t peak, even in the higher elevations, until late October. For lower areas, plan your scenic trips and hikes to experience the fall colors after Halloween and into early November. I am blessed to live in this beautiful part of the world and yet am always amazed every year at the glorious reds, rich yellows, deep golds, and pumpkin oranges that cover the hillsides when autumn begins to put on her annual show.

A pleasure for us in October through November are our visits to fall festivals taking us around different areas of East Tennessee and into North Georgia, Southwest Virginia, and Kentucky where we’ll enjoy seeing the colors gradually change more and more with each trip. J.L. and I will also get to discover autumn color in South Carolina while traveling in that southern state as we work on our new SC state parks guidebook. In addition,  I plan several trips over the mountains from Tennessee to the Cherokee area of North Carolina where the new novel I’m researching is set. I want to re-hike favorite trails around Cherokee there and visit more historic sites and local spots to enrich my story for my readers as I begin to write it later this fall.

If you live near the Tennessee area or will be traveling in any of these southeast areas noted in my signing schedule below, I hope you will stop by to see us!

Best and happy fall, … Lin



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