As March arrives, J.L. and I are excited about Spring arriving. For us it means more pleasant warm days and time of out of doors … green grass, happy flowers, longer days, and more sunshine. For us March also means publication of my next two books is close at hand. Both HAPPY VALLEY, set in the Smoky Mountains, and RETURN TO EDISTO, set at Edisto Beach, publish on April 2nd.

All my books have been inspired by time out of doors around the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina … or while vacationing every summer at Edisto Beach. I actually got the idea for my book HAPPY VALLEY while hiking on the Cooper Road Trail with J.L. one summer day. And for years, my walks on the beach and bike rides around Edisto over the summers began to inspire the idea for a series of books set there. I get some of my best ideas for books out in the beauty of nature.

I want to invite all my readers, family, and friends to come to the BOOK LAUNCH party for my new books on Saturday, April 4th, Open House Hours 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM. Our Launch this year will be at the Townsend Visitor Center in the Exhibit Room – Address: 7906 East Lamar Alexander Parkway, Townsend, TN, 37882. J.L. and I will be there with our new books and all our past books … and we’ll have snacks and drinks, and wonderful entertainment all day from Clinch Valley Bluegrass. There are plenty of parking spaces in front and back of the center… but be courteous—if you are fit and healthy—and park on the street beside the center or in the field behind it to leave those spots for those who need them. You can drop in at the Book Launch any time through the afternoon that works for you… and visit around Townsend while in the area, go to mountain shops like the Apple Valley Country Store, see the Little River Railroad Lumber Museum and the big Shay engine, walk across the swinging bridge over the Little River behind it, visit the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center and historic village there, or drive up into the Smoky Mountains to take a hike or sit by a stream and enjoy the day.

If you can’t make our Book Launch, we’ll have other events upcoming around the southeast area … which will be posted on the Appearances page of this website as each is finalized. Look to see which ones might be near you and mark your calendar to come by to see us!

If you live in other parts of the U.S. or abroad … you can order my new books through your local bookstore, if they don’t have them on shelf, or order them online at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. I hope you will enjoy my new stories … and thank you so much for reading my books.

As an author kindness: If you read and enjoy any of my books, I would be grateful if you would pop over to Amazon online, to Barnes & Noble, to Goodreads or other sites you enjoy … and post a short review. Readers who have not ever read any of my books get inspired to try one from your sweet reviews. So thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to do this.

_____ Lin



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