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After twelve Smoky Mountain novels, a new stand-alone series, The Mountain Home Books, began in 2020 with Happy Valley, followed by Downsizing in 2021. The latest Mountain Home Book, Eight at the Lake, publishes at the first of April. It is set in charming historic Dandridge, Tennessee, near Douglas Lake and the Cosby side of the Great Smoky Mountains.  This warm-hearted family story is full of rich new characters, interesting places to visit, and a host of new surprises and adventures to keep you entertained until the end.

New for 2022…

A New Mountain Home Book, Eight at the Lake:

Set in the charming historic town of Dandridge, Tennessee, on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains, Lin Stepp’s sweet and touching story follows the unlikely romantic attraction between two characters with nothing in common but an undeniable zing.

Samantha King, nationally known storm chaser with Weather First, is covering a hurricane hitting the Florida Panhandle when a sign slams into her, tossing her over a wall and into the pounding surf. Accidents demand recovery and Samantha reluctantly heads to her Aunt Dixie’s in Dandridge, Tennessee, for a needed rest. The only plus, besides time with Dixie, is sharing time with her sister Andrea’s children, taken in years ago by Ford and Laura McDaniel when Andrea and her husband were killed. Samantha has spent little time with the children over the years, due to her demanding work schedule, but she is purposed to get to know the children better while in Dandridge.

Ford McDaniel, with a busy veterinary practice and part ownership in his family’s lakeside resort, often wonders how in the world he ended up with eight children on his own. Yes, he and Laura agreed, as godparents to their best friends, Andrea and Adam Bradley, that if anything ever happened to them they’d raise their kids, but who imagined that scenario would ever occur? Still, he and Laura seemed to manage okay until Laura died, shattering his world and leaving him with eight small children to raise on his own. Now Andrea’s celebrated sister Samantha is in town for a while and it’s hard for Ford not to resent her carefree life—or to ignore his attraction to her, a relationship he clearly knows can only go nowhere.

Also new for 2022 …A new beach book!

A note from the author: “Because readers loved my Edisto Trilogy set on Edisto Island on the South Carolina coast  – and begged for more books like these – I listened with a smile when the idea for another beach series slipped into my mind and heart. I hope you will enjoy all the stories in The Lighthouse Sisters series.”

The first book in The Lighthouse Sisters series, Light the Way:

In this new coastal series, Lin Stepp transports her readers into the rich, colorful lives of Burke and her sisters, Lila, Gwen, and Celeste, who grew up at the Deveaux Inn and Lighthouse on a windswept island, accessible only by boat. Get ready to be introduced to the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, challenges and adventures of a Lighthouse Keeper.

Life had grown hard for Burke Deveaux at the family inn and lighthouse since her father died. She missed his warmth and still expected to see him walking into a room, his big laugh booming. Burke and her mother were gradually adjusting to the change, and Lila had come home this winter to help, but the workload was heavy. With spring coming and tourism picking up in the South Carolina Lowcountry, Burke welcomed Hal Jenkins’ request for his son Waylon to work for them. Waylon, retiring early from the Navy, knew the island and the lighthouse, having grown up nearby. Burke also knew Waylon well since they’d grown up together. He’d always been older, and she wondered how he’d see her now.

Waylon had been away from Edisto Island for over twelve years now, traveling around the world in the military, but it felt good to be home. He’d hated learning Lloyd Deveaux was gone, the warm-hearted Lighthouse Keeper he’d followed around as a boy. But he liked the idea of coming to stay at the lodge at Watch Island to help the Deveaux family with the inn, lighthouse, and nearly five-hundred acres of land the Lighthouse Station occupied. He knew Burke had picked up many of her father’s old tasks and he looked forward to seeing her again. He’d kept feelings for her clamped down for years but one look at her brought them surging back. How would he handle that with them working together?

Future titles in this new coastal series will include:  Lighten My Heart, Light in the Dark, and The Light Continues.

Also new for 2022 … a Devotional book, A Journey of Words:

Over the past several years around their other works and travels, Lin and her husband J.L. have completed a devotional guide to publish in April, titled A Journey of Words.

A Journey of Words is a 365-day devotional guide that will help you grow in your faith and develop a stronger personal relationship with the Lord….

Each devotional reading in the book—one for each day of the year—is built around a chosen “Word for the Day.” The daily devotion begins with an inspirational quote, containing the Word for the Day, followed by a rich, thoughtful teaching, layered with supportive scriptures for further study if desired. Each entry ends with a short prayer and a related scriptural passage using the day’s word again to close.

In A Journey of Words, every day’s devotional offering provides a new motivational “Word” to read about and meditate on, plus an uplifting message to think about as you journey through the day ahead. As you use this guide each day, you’ll find your mind and heart often remembering the day’s selected word. C. S. Lewis once wrote: “One word can make all the difference in the world” and hopefully you will find that each Word for the Day and the devotion about it will help you journey into a deeper faith walk as the year progresses.

Don’t be surprised if you start asking yourself, “What’s the Word for the Day?” as you open this book every morning.  The authors pray that A Journey of Words will shape your life and enrich your faith and that every day’s “word” will impact you for blessing and good. … “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” – Proverbs 25:11

Never underestimate the power of a single word … A word from God can change your day.

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