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After twelve Smoky Mountain novels, a new stand-alone series, The Mountain Home Books, began in 2020 with Happy Valley, followed by Downsizing in 2021 and Eight at the Lake in 2022. The latest Mountain Home Book, Seeking Ayita publishes at the first of April, 2023. It is set in Cherokee, North Carolina.  I think you will enjoy visiting this picturesque mountain town and learning more about the Eastern Cherokee Indians and about their unique culture and history while reading this story, full of vibrant  new characters, interesting places, and a host of surprises and adventures to keep you entertained until the end.

New for 2023…

A New Mountain Home Book, Seeking Ayita:

In this rich, new Smoky Mountains story, a young woman, travels all the way from Hawaii to Cherokee to bring her mother’s ashes home, but soon faces trials, joys and a problematic romance amid a people and culture little known to her before.

With misgivings, Annalise Silva packed her things and those of her young daughter Leila for the long trip from Hawaii to Cherokee, North Carolina. She’d promised her mother on her deathbed she’d take her ashes to be buried with her people. At her mother’s urging, not imagining that her mother would actually die, she’d also promised to stay for a season to comfort her grandmother and to learn more about her Cherokee heritage. As her father had said, it was a small favor to ask after all her mother’s love and care. Still, Annalise hadn’t been to Cherokee since she was a child. What if she ran into an uncomfortable situation for herself or Leila? What if the long trip proved to be the beginning of an unhappy time? Annalise supposed only time would tell, and at least by summer’s end she’d be back home where she belonged.

Solomon Wolfe had heard his grandmother repeat that dream of hers one too many times, about a woman destined for him with blue eyes coming up out of the water. His people were Cherokee and blue eyes were a rarity and the very idea of a woman rising out of the water really tested his patience. As he walked his dog, after being reminded of that vision once again, Kona barked to see someone near the bridge at the creek. People often came to fish there, never realizing they were trespassing. As a woman stood, wet from the creek and looking up to see him with surprised blue eyes, Solomon almost felt his heart stop. After learning the girl was also Inola Youngtree’s granddaughter no less, here to visit for a season, he wondered how in the world he would get through the months to come, especially when his attraction to her all but sizzled in the air.

Also new for 2023 …

A New Lighthouse Sisters Beach Book!

The first book in the new Lighthouse Sisters series, Light the Way,  published in 2022, introducing readers to the. beautiful Deveaux Inn and Lighthouse on Watch Island at Edisto, South Carolina. The first novel published was Burke Deveaux’s story, the oldest of the four Lighthouse Sisters … and, if you read this book, you also met Burke’s other sisters, her family, and all the colorful Lowcountry characters who were a part of this novel. This second book is Gwen’s story … and I hope you will love it, too.

A note from the author: “Because readers loved my Edisto Trilogy set on Edisto Island on the South Carolina coast  – and begged for more books like these – I listened with a smile when the idea for another beach series slipped into my mind and heart. I hope you will enjoy all the stories in The Lighthouse Sisters series.”

The second book in The Lighthouse Sisters series, Lighten My Heart:

Forgiveness is hard in a marriage when the heart has been deeply wounded. How can a person move past the memories, pains, and angry words spoken to even consider a reconciliation? And as Gwen wonders, why should she even try?

Gwen never imagined in a million years that Alex would hurt her and betray her trust as he had. They’d always been so much in love, so close. How could he have lied to her for over a year? Let her think everything was okay in their lives when his and Josh’s business was going under? She might have helped. After all, she’d followed him all the way to Arkansas from her home in South Carolina, worked alongside him and Josh to establish the restaurant. How could he have left her out, lied to her, and then come to her later to tell her he and Josh had lost everything—not only the business but their home as well? Heartbroken, she packs up their three children and heads home to her family, not wanting to see or talk with Alex Trescott ever again.

Alex had made some monumental mistakes in his life, but hiding his financial affairs from his wife and lying to her had to be the worst. Somehow, he and Josh kept believing they could turn the restaurant around, and he kept thinking he wouldn’t even need to upset Gwen and the children over all the problems. But then the worst happened and they lost everything. And when he tried to explain to Gwen, she felt betrayed that he’d lied to her all this time. He couldn’t really blame her for packing up and fleeing home to her family, never wanting to see him again. But a chance to return to his family’s restaurant in Beaufort draws him back home, too. And in his heart, he dreams, if foolishly, that he might get a second chance with Gwen.

Future titles in this new coastal series will include:  Light in the Dark and The Light Continues.

Discover a new Devotional book, A Journey of Words:

Over the past several years around their other works and travels, Lin and her husband J.L. have completed a devotional guide to publish in April, titled A Journey of Words.

A Journey of Words is a 365-day devotional guide that will help you grow in your faith and develop a stronger personal relationship with the Lord….

Each devotional reading in the book—one for each day of the year—is built around a chosen “Word for the Day.” The daily devotion begins with an inspirational quote, containing the Word for the Day, followed by a rich, thoughtful teaching, layered with supportive scriptures for further study if desired. Each entry ends with a short prayer and a related scriptural passage using the day’s word again to close.

In A Journey of Words, every day’s devotional offering provides a new motivational “Word” to read about and meditate on, plus an uplifting message to think about as you journey through the day ahead. As you use this guide each day, you’ll find your mind and heart often remembering the day’s selected word. C. S. Lewis once wrote: “One word can make all the difference in the world” and hopefully you will find that each Word for the Day and the devotion about it will help you journey into a deeper faith walk as the year progresses.

Don’t be surprised if you start asking yourself, “What’s the Word for the Day?” as you open this book every morning.  The authors pray that A Journey of Words will shape your life and enrich your faith and that every day’s “word” will impact you for blessing and good. … “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” – Proverbs 25:11

Never underestimate the power of a single word … A word from God can change your day.

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