For Six Good Reasons – Book 3

A young woman with six foster children, under twelve, hopes for patience, peace, and a bigger house – but love? Not hardly. However — sometimes fate deals an unexpected hand.

When Alice Graham came back to look at the sale property at the base of the Smoky Mountains in Greenbrier, it was absolutely not because of that recurring dream of the cowboy. She’d seen him high on the ridge top in the winter and felt a peculiar drawing and attraction flash between them – but she never expected to see him again.

When she did, a month after buying the rural property, that odd attraction still sizzled in the air. However, it seemed unlikely that anything romantic would develop, because Alice had bought the property and its house as a home for herself and the six Stuart siblings she’d agreed to foster. Six kids were enough to scare any man off – especially a confirmed bachelor like Harrison Ramsey with unsolved mysteries and unpleasant rumors floating around in his past.

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